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Choosing the Right Vet Clinic: Factors to Consider

Updated: Apr 8

Pets are family members, and at Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we understand just how much they mean to you and that you expect nothing but the highest quality care. That’s why, before you choose a vet, it’s important to carefully consider your options before entrusting the safekeeping of your pet.

You may be surprised to learn that vets can vary quite substantially when it comes to their reputation and the types of services they provide. So before you take your pet to the nearest vet, take a look at the following factors and evaluate them carefully. And, if you’re looking for veterinarians in Fort Collins, CO we encourage you to make an appointment at Coyote Ridge.

The Staff

One of the best ways to get insight into the care your pet will receive is to understand who the staff is at each clinic. You’ll want to ensure that the staff has thorough expertise and training along with genuine enthusiasm and love for animals. Oftentimes this is easy to observe when you see the way vets and nurse staff interact with the animals at the clinic, demonstrating empathy, patience, and regard for pets of all ages and conditions. You can take it a step further by engaging the staff at a clinic in conversation to learn more about them, their background, and their educational journey. 

We are proud of our veterinarian family at Coyote Ridge - read up about the whole pack here

Range of Services 

Signing your pet up with a veterinarian is a wise choice for routine checkups, wellness visits, and vaccines. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen so it’s best to be a part of a clinic that can serve your pet in any way it may need. 

At Coyote Ridge, we offer licensing, comprehensive physical exams, assessment of all body systems (eyes, ears, mouth/dental health, bones and joints) as well as any necessary diagnostic workup (blood, fecal and urine screening). 

If your pet is sick or is injured in any way, we can also treat: 

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances

  • Ear/eye infections

  • Lacerations

  • Fractures

  • Bite wounds

  • Toxin ingestion

  • Skin infections

  • Lameness

  • Toenail injuries 

  • And more! If there is something your pet is experiencing that we didn’t list, be sure to still give us a call. 

Coyote Ridge also offers surgery and dental operations including: 

  • Spaying and Neutering

  • Mass/tumor resection

  • Abdominal exploratory surgery (foreign body removal, spleen removal, biopsies)

  • Cystotomies

  • Hernia repair

  • Animal attack/wound repair

  • Abscess drainage/repair

  • Aural hematoma repair

Coyote Ridge has also partnered with several boarded specialists, which enables us to offer:

  • Abdominal and/or thoracic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsies 

  • Internal medicine consultations

  • Surgical consultations

  • Complex orthopedic surgeries

  • Complex soft tissue surgeries

  • Complex dental surgery such as root canal or complicated extractions

  • Radiograph image review

At Coyote Ridge, your pet is in great hands - no matter what challenges they may face!

Emergency Care

The best veterinarians will be able to help your pet whenever it’s in need. We understand that certain injuries and illnesses simply cannot wait, which is why we never turn a pet away that needs our help. Whether you’re a new or existing client and whether we’ve seen your pet or not, we go above and beyond to accept urgent care walk-ins and same-day appointments whenever possible. 

Community and Family

Choosing the right vet clinic means selecting one that cares about their local community and feels like a family. You and your pet should feel at home when you come in to visit, and the clinic you’re a part of should always consider the people around them. 

At Coyote Ridge, you’ll notice that the majority of our team members are from the Fort Collins community, caring for the people and pets that make Fort Collins so special. Many of us studied at Colorado State University, showing our commitment to Northern Colorado, and we’re proud to offer military, senior, and student discounts to support the community as best as we can. 


The location should certainly be a core factor in your decision of which vet clinic to choose. A clinic that’s closer to you means less hassle and difficulty getting your pet care when they need it, and it will also save you money on the overall commute. 

Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic is nestled in between Fort Collins and Loveland - the perfect location if you're in the Northern Colorado region. Some of our clients simply cannot see themselves going to a different clinic, and they commute all the way from Denver to come visit us! 


An easy way to get a baseline understanding of the quality of any clinic is to see how satisfied customers have been. Simply go on Google and type in the vet clinic’s name to see what customers have had to say in their reviews. 

We’re proud of our almost 5-star rating with over 160 reviews. 

Open For New Patients 

Finally, it only makes sense to choose a vet clinic that’s open for new clients. Sometimes vets may be full of clients or not have enough staff and therefore cannot accept any more pets to care for. In this case, it’s best to look for other clinics that have availability. 

Coyote Ridge is, fortunately, still accepting new patients! 

Looking for Veterinarians in Fort Collins, CO?

We understand that the search for a trustworthy veterinarian can be a bit stressful! There’s a lot to consider, especially when you want the very best for your four-legged friends. At Coyote Ridge, we are a compassionate and experienced team committed to the highest professional standards in pet care. Want to learn more about our family-centered clinic? Contact us today or come visit and see for yourself! 

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