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Does My Dog Have A UTI?

At Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we have a lot of clients ask, "does my dog have a UTI?" There are several reasons why a dog might get a UTI. Female dogs are overrepresented compared to male dogs. Loose stools, prolonged crate confinement, bladder stones, incontinence, vulvar conformation, kidney disease and skin infections can all predispose dogs to urinary tract infections. The common signs of a UTI include frequently asking to go out to pee, urinating in the house and straining or posturing to urinate without passing urine. Clients may also notice a discoloration including bloody or brown urine and a foul odor to the urine. If you think your animal may be suffering from an infection, please call us today at 970-663-7387 (PETS). You can also click the link below to book an appointment online.

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