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Does My Puppy Have Parvo?

Parvo is one of the scariest words a dog owner can hear. An unvaccinated puppy that is having vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy is always a suspect for parvo. At Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic, when we talk about unvaccinated, we mean they have not completed their full course of distemper/parvo vaccinations. They may have had one or two, but that is not always protective. Some years we see especially contagious and aggressive strains of the parvo virus.

The Canine Parvovirus is transmitted through feces to susceptible dogs. That means that anywhere an infected dog has gone the bathroom could be a source of infection. At Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we recommend keeping your unvaccinated dogs away from dog parks and frequently traveled places until they've had their full series of the DHPP/distemper/parvo vaccine. The series is typically completed by 16 weeks of age.

Treatment for parvo virus infection is focused on supporting the puppy’s system while they fight off the virus. That often includes hospitalizing the pet on intravenous fluids and medications for days. We are hopeful for a new antibody treatment soon that shows great promise in fighting the virus.

If you suspect your puppy may have contracted parvo virus, please call our clinic immediately at 970-663-7387. We will have you wait in the car while we run a diagnostic test to determine if the puppy is parvo positive. If your puppy is unvaccinated, but healthy, please call our veterinary clinic today to schedule an appointment to have them vaccinated. The vaccine is a puppy's best defense against this horrible disease.

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