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Top 4 Vaccines for Your New Puppy in Colorado

It is that time of year again at Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care. Springtime is synonymous with puppies and kittens. This blog will focus on the recommended vaccinations for your new puppy. Often the shelter or breeder will vaccinate a puppy as young as 6 weeks old. At Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic we start vaccinating your puppy around 8 weeks of age. The first vaccines the pup will receive include the Distemper/Parvo 5-1 Combo shot. This shot includes 5 different viruses in one vaccine including distemper, infectious hepatitis/adenovirus, parvovirus and parainfluenza. The virus we worry most about in young puppies is parvovirus and until fully vaccinated discuss recommended precautions with your veterinarian.

The series of DHPP vaccines will continue at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. During those initial visits we can also discuss giving the kennel cough vaccine and the leptospirosis vaccination. Dr. Fauron covered the lepto vaccine thoroughly in a previous blog. After 16 weeks of age, the state mandates a rabies vaccine for all dogs and cats. This is a one-shot series and the first vaccination is good for 1 year. If you have any questions about your pet’s vaccine status or when your dog or cat is due for vaccines, please call us today at 970-663-PETS (7387). Coyote Ridge Veterinary Clinic & Urgent is open M-F 8a-6p and Saturday 8a-2p. Urgent Care is available during normal business hours.

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